Miles Berry

ADE Global Institute 2012

Miles Berry


Coding across the curriculum

Many have argued that the concepts and approaches of computational thinking have applications beyond computing itself. Now that computing is firmly established as a subject in many schools, there’s a great opportunity for pupils to apply their newly acquired programming skills in the context of some of the other subjects they study. Ranging from Monte Carlo methods for estimating π, to composing music with Sonic Pi, Miles takes us on a quick tour of just a few of the ways that pupils can practise their programming in meaningful contexts and deepen their knowledge and understanding of other disciplines.

About Miles Berry

Miles is principal lecturer in Computing Education at the University of Roehampton. Prior to joining Roehampton, he spent 18 years in four schools, much of the time as an ICT coordinator and most recently as a head teacher. His research interests include the pedagogies of computer science education and informal learning. He is a former chair of Naace, the education technology association, and continues to serve on its board of management. He is a member the management board of Computing At School, the UK Forum for Computing Education and the Raspberry Pi Foundation. He is a fellow of the BCS, RSA and HEA.

Over the years he has contributed to a number of computing related projects including: CAS’s computer science curriculum, the national curriculum computing programmes of study, the CAS / Naace guide to the computing curriculum for primary teachers, training of CAS Master Teachers, the BETT and ERA Award winning Rising Stars Switched on Computing, Barefoot Computing, Code Club Pro’s training materials, QuickStart Computing and resources for the BBC and Microsoft.

He gives regular keynotes and CPD workshops on computing and education technology in the UK and abroad and has worked on a number of international consultancy projects involving curriculum development and CPD.

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