Yasemin Allsop


Yasemin Allsop

@yallsop  Senior Lecturer in Computing at Roehampton University. EU Code week ambassador.Views are my own. Editor http://www.ictinpractice.com


Teaching Computational Thinking through Constructionist game making

In todays technologically advancing world, computer games have become an important part of children’s lives. Educators started to see the power of this new medium and explore ways to use computer games to support learning within schools.There are many references in research literature about computer based games having a varied impact on learning, however not many studies have looked into educational value of students designing their own games. In this session we will look at how constructionist game making activities can be used directly in the classroom for teaching computational thinking and creativity skills. Lesson plans and resources will be provided.

About Yasemin

I worked as an ICT Coordinator in primary schools in London for almost 10 years. I am currently employed as a Senior Lecturer in Computing at Roehampton University. My research focus is children’s thinking and learning when designing digital games.  I am the founder and co- editor of an online magazine called ICT in Practice ( ICT in Practice) where educators from around the world share their experiences of using technology in education. I am the EU Code Week ambassador for the UK.

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