Tony Parkin


Tony Parkin

Disruptive Nostalgist and Educational Technologist. Former Head of ICT Development at SSAT, now freelance. Proud dad and Yorkshireman.


Failing to Succeed

A light-hearted and anecdotal exploration of educational failure, with a serious purpose. It is said that education, with its incessant focus on right answers and exam success, does little to help prepare students for learning to deal comfortably with failure, an essential component of resilience. Can the new Computing curriculum offer opportunities for learning to fail gracefully, and en route also address other ‘missing’ aspects of workforce requirements, such as creativity and teamwork? Or are we doomed to fail?

About Tony

Tony Parkin has worked in education for the greater part of his career, initially as a secondary school teacher, then education technologist, information technologist and curriculum director. A brief stint working at the House of Commons preceded becoming SSAT’s Head of ICT Development in the Leadership and Innovation Networks from 1998 – 2010, working with schools on education projects for NCSL, the DfE, and with several large IT companies.

He now works independently as a freelance speaker, lecturer, writer and consultant, using his extensive experience of educational technologies to help with futures thinking and startup mentoring, and is Visiting Lecturer at the University of Roehampton Education Department, engaged in initial teacher training in Computing.

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