Theo Kuechel


Theo Kuechel


MirandaNet Fellow, Independent Consultant


Open Media Content and Computing
A rapidly increasing number of museums, libraries and archives around the world are digitising their collections and making them freely available online. Public and Scientific bodies are now also sharing their media resources with open licences. This practical workshop will give participants the opportunity to discover this goldmine of content which includes images, maps, video and audio files and explore how they can be incorporated with computational activities and processes.

This workshop will show examples of how open content can, and is being used in Computing. During the session participants will be encouraged to explore, develop and share ideas for adapting and using open resources for teaching and learning.
The workshop is appropriate for teachers of all ages and areas of the curriculum; including the arts, humanities and STEM subjects. Licensing, Copyright and attribution will also be covered in context.

About Theo

MirandaNet Fellow, Independent Consultant
Theo taught Art, Design and ICT for 18 years in schools and HE. He has been a Local Authority advisor and worked in the commercial sector as a digital graphics consultant. His special interests include digital literacy, visual learning and open content. Theo is currently developing resources including a strategic toolkit designed to help schools, educators and students discover, and take advantage of, the growing wealth of open digital content and resources available online.

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