Neil Smith

neil smith

Neil Smith


Senior lecturer in Computing and Communications at The Open


Computing Unplugged!

Many ideas and concepts in computing do not require a computer to understand,
and the introduction of technology can sometimes distract learners and obscure
the computational concepts being developed. Computing unplugged is a general
approach to teaching computational thinking skills away from a computer.

This workshop will illustrate a range of computing unplugged activities that
can be applied to a range of learning settings and that develop a range of
computational thinking skills.

About Neil

Neil Smith is a senior lecturer in Computing and Communications at The Open
University. His research interests include teaching computing in schools,
teaching introductory programming to undergraduates, and the automatic marking
of diagram-based assessment.

He made significant contributions to the pedagogic approach of Code Club, and
runs a Code Club in a local primary school. He contributed to the BCS/CAS
submission to the recent change in the school national curriculum for
comptuting. He has delivered CPD to train in-service teachers to become CAS
Master Teachers and is an assessor for the BCS/CAS Certificate for Computer
Science Teaching. He is currently co-editing a book on Computing Unplugged for
primary school teachers.

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