Joe Dale


Joe Dale


UK Independent modern foreign languages & technology consultant. Former host of TES MFL forum & short-listed for NAACE Impact Award 2013 for Curriculum Support


Using the cross-platform app Book Creator, Joe Dale will demonstrate how easy it is to create personalised eBooks including engaging videos and animations to channel creativity, promote collaboration and provide evidence of learning. Focusing on pedagogical principles and improving outcomes, he will walk you through how to create a photo story with embedded invisible sound clips for each speech bubble, appsmash content into an e-portfolio, combine different books together into a single volume and export them as video clips so they can be easily shared online. Joe will also be showcasing the new comic version of the award-winning app.

About Joe

Joe Dale is an independent languages consultant from the UK who works with a range of organisations such as Network for Languages, ALL, The British Council, the BBC, Skype, Microsoft and The Guardian. He is host of the TES MFL forum, former SSAT Languages Lead Practitioner, a regular conference speaker and recognised expert on technology and language learning. He has spoken at conferences and run training courses in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, the Far East and Australia . He was a member of the Ministerial Steering Group on languages for the current UK government and advised on the Linguanet Worldwide project for The Language Company. He created ICT activities for the new Institut Français, ALL and Network for Languages Primary French Niveau Bleu course and was short-listed for a NAACE Impact Award in 2013 too. Joe was recently described in a Guardian article as an ‘MFL guru’ and ‘the man behind the #mfltwitterati.’.

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