Julia Skinner


Julia Skinner

Retired HT passionate in all aspects of education & leadership. Founder of 100 Word Challenge.Learning through networking! Here to help!


Extend the audience to improve writing

Exploring 100 Word Challenge, a free global online writing challenge for students under 16 that is linked to blogging and is having a huge impact on writing progress.

About Julia

Julia Skinner is a retired head teacher in Bristol, UK. Her headship experience of over 13 years was in schools in areas of social deprivation. Although ready to retire from headship she soon found she wanted to continue her work with education.

She founded 100 Word Challenge at the end of 2010 to encourage youngsters to write and link across the world with each other. It is having a huge impact on writing in classrooms and was shortlisted for the Global Impact Award from NAACE.

Julia’s other passion is governance and since her retirement she has been chair of several governing bodies often brought in following poor judgements on governance from Ofsted inspections. She is currently a director of a Primary academy and provides support for governors in the Ormiston Academe Trust.

She has presented at a number of conferences in England and works closely with teachers across the world via visits to schools and social media.

Twitter – @theheadsoffice

FB –   https://www.facebook.com/theheadsoffice/?ref=ts&fref=ts

LinkedIn – https://uk.linkedin.com/in/jskinner2

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