Joek van Montfort

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Joek van Montfort



Lady Ada Theatre Show (making of)

In The Netherlands we’re working on a theater show that will tell the story of Lady Ada and bring modern computational thinking to life. The idea to use theatre for communicating computational ideas is from the theatre show that developed in New Zealand. Last years Lady Ada bicentennial inspired us to take her life and work as min story line. Theatre is used as an extra hook to get children and teachers interested in the ideas behind computational revolution. It explicitly tries to comfort teachers into role as teachers of these ideas.

The show is work in progress, this spring it’s writing and funding. The talk will tell about the process, and may show an unplugged activity time teleported 200 years back.

About Joek

I’m educated as a mathematician but spend most of my current working time on getting computational thinking into Dutch education. Scratch is one of my favorites and I organized two Scratch conferences (Barcelona 2013 and Amsterdam 2015). Beside that I’m active in localization of and in setting up a Dutch chapter of Computing At School (CAS).

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