James Franklin


James Franklin


Teacher of Computer Science, Royal Russell School, Croydon

Director, Axsied Publishing


Effective Pair Programming – Practical advice in how to successfully get students collaborating

Are you constantly rushing around your classroom trying to help students with syntax errors? Do you need to stretch the brightest whilst supporting the weakest?

There is a way to have a far more efficient and relaxed classroom by using Pair Programming.  Of course, we all know that you can pair students together, but this often presents issues. How do you pair them together? What do you do when a student dominates the keyboard?

This talk gives you practical evidenced ways to pair students and novel solutions to overcome potential difficulties. The talk will introduce methods which work in managing school age students in a way which they perceive to be fair and productive. Most importantly, it will make your classroom more productive whilst making your life, as a teacher, far more relaxed. Although the talk uses results based on my research at King’s College London, it will be focussed on practical solutions which you can start employing in the classroom immediately

About James

Teacher of Computer Science, Royal Russell School, Croydon; Director, Axsied Publishing

James Franklin is currently a teacher of Computer Science at Royal Russell School, Croydon and the founder of Axsied Ltd which publishes Computer Science resources for secondary schools. He has taught Computing for 10 years and has previously held the roles of e-safety Officer and e-learning coordinator across a group of four schools. James has a degree in Computing from Imperial College, London along and a Masters in Computing in Education from King’s College London. His passion lies in helping teachers to reduce their workload whilst maintaining the highest standards of teaching quality.

Social network account: https://twitter.com/jfranklinedu

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