Emma-Ashley Liles


Emma-Ashley Liles

Software Developer. Currently writing ‘A Teenager’s Guide to Software Development’. Industry Liaison for @CASinclude and @stemettes Ambassador


Engaging young women in the computing classroom

A look at some of the reasons why young women are not choosing computer science and practical things you can do in your school to encourage them to consider further studies in it.

About Emma

I am a software engineer at a digital music company where I work with music download and streaming services. Our clients build apps and websites using our API which provides them the music when you hit play. My job involves making the time between hitting play and the music starting as short as possible – ideally around 200-300ms. To put that in perspective, it takes light ~130ms to travel from London to San Fransisco and ~400ms to blink.

I am also Industry Liason for CAS #include, a subgroup of Computing at Schools who work to increase diversity in the computing classroom. We have five strands of diversity that we cover: Gender, Race, Socio-Economic status, SEN and Disability. We run events like our diversity conference, hack the curriculum hack days and #define workshops for students days.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, juggling and volunteering with Stemettes.

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