Fuze Coding


Fuze Coding

FUZE powered by Raspberry Pi combines programming and electronics in a fun, motivational and engaging package.


KS2/KS3 FUZE Workshop – What do you do after Scratch? Experience Text based coding and electronics.

The FUZE workshop we will demystify programming. We will show you that you can deliver outstanding and stimulating coding lessons without being an expert, you will get hands-on with very accessible coding and electronics and see you how much fun coding and physical computing can be.

This workshop is great for complete beginners and those that have had some basic experience of coding, as well as anyone looking for something to bridge the gap between graphic tools like Scratch and more complex languages like Python.

You will work through a series of projects including wiring and writing code for an LED and a Light Sensitive Resistor and programming a Robot Arm.

You will use the FUZE computer (that houses the Raspberry Pi) the FUZEBASIC language and simple electronic components.

About FUZE

At FUZE Technologies, we have been teaching students and teachers to code for around three years now.  We manufacture a computer, develop a very accessible programming language, FUZE BASIC, write content and lesson plans and deliver fabulous, eye-opening workshops for students and teachers.

FUZE BASIC bridges the gap between the likes of Scratch and Python and allows students and teachers the opportunity to really understand what programming is, what you can do with it and how much fun it can be.  Accessing electronics via programs illustrates real-world applications and makes coding really engaging for all.
We’ve been running our workshops for two years now and have visited over 200 schools inspiring both primary and secondary school students and teachers.

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