Adam Martin


Adam Martin

KS3-KS5 Computer Science teacher


Using marble-runs to learn Computational Thinking

Explore key concepts of Computational Thinking by building physical programs using marble-runs. Solve challenges and see how we use them in the classroom to teach children from Y2 to Y11 the fundamental principles of Programming, and how they apply in any programming language.

About Adam

Adam currently teaches KS3-KS5 Computer Science with particular interest in programming/coding, and the theories of Computational Thinking. Adam started in IBM’s research labs, then spent 10 years in the computer-games industry, and 5 years making iPhone and Android apps. He specialized in designing and building “massive” scale online systems – hundreds of servers linked together to service millions of users – leading to a patent and co-authoring two books on programming. He still actively programs in his free time, mostly on 3D special effects, computer game-engines, and running a free, open-source, vector-rendering library for iPhones and Apple computers.

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